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1st International Platform for Physical Diamonds

The platform allows members to buy and sell fractions of diamond lots, without paying VAT or sales taxes, in a single click starting from 0.001 carats. Certified by the IGI, one of the largest certifying laboratories worldwide, our diamonds are stored in highly secure Swiss vaults. These vaults are outside of the banking system and in a free port zone. A complement to gold and silver, diamonds are tangible alternatives recognized globally as a diversifying asset.

Investing or trading with means obtaining the lowest prices and lowest commission rates on the market, ensuring your diamonds are of exceptional quality, and having the ability to resell them quickly.

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Invest easily starting from 0.001 carats

Invest in fractions of diamond lots on These lots are made up of about forty diamonds of different sizes ranging from 0.5 to 2 carats in order to avoid problems tied to speculation and to the possible fluctuations of certain kinds of stones. has reinvented the diamond.

Advantages of

  • The lowest commission rates upon purchase and sale for a guaranteed low spread
  • No VAT or sales tax, storage in a free port zone
  • Buy and sell in real time with a single click
  • Accessible to all: starting from 0.001 carats
  • Storage in highly secure Swiss vaults, outside of the banking system
  • Physical, high-quality, certified diamonds

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Our Selection of Diamonds diamonds are cut specially for investment purposes and their price quotes are published in the financial press.

Diamonds on are natural, of high quality, certified, and come from the professional market in Antwerp.

Carat Weight: 0.5 to 2 carats

Color: F, E or D.

Clarity: VVS2, VVS1, IF or FL

Cut: Kcut with "very good" or "excellent" quality ratings

Traceability : Laser engraving on each diamond. Respect of the Kimberley Process

Price quotation: quote available in the international financial press diamonds are cut specially for investment purposes.

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Price at 07:45:00 PM EDT
on 2020-08-08

9593.329 EUR

Price at 07:45:00 PM EDT
on 2020-08-08

11309.000 USD

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