Diamonds as weath diversification, myth or a reality finally accessible to all?

We interviewed Jean-François Faure, president and founder of and, who told us his thoughts about diamonds and presented the first platform for buying and selling physical investment diamonds.

Man has always been fascinated by the beauty and mystery of diamonds. Diamonds have been recognized for their value for 4000 years. It is estimated that demand for diamonds will double by 2020, but the supply will not keep up. Many experts agree that diamonds make a tangible alternative investment when diversifying one's assets, but are they accessible to everyone?

Jean-François Faure, Chairman and founder of and

The 'entry barrier' must be high!
Is this reserved for the elite?

Until launched, purchasing diamonds was complicated, expensive and in the end not very profitable. You had to buy whole diamonds. Using our experience gained from, we wanted to lift the entry barriers and provide all investors with access to this rare and precious asset. With our fraction system, you can trade any quantity starting at 0.001 carats, or about $15. It is important to remember that each investor is the only owner of what he purchases. Indeed we guarantee that at all times each member of our platform has a return, meaning a facilitated and assured resell. The service we provide is unique and is certainly not a financial product in the form of an ETF or any other form of paper diamond.

Is there currently a "diamond bubble"?

Some 3 to 5 carat diamond or colored diamonds have seen their price multiply by two or three, and we think that in the last 3 to 5 years there has been strong speculation on these products. At, we deliberately avoid selecting these diamonds. IGI certified, our physical diamonds are colorless and weigh between 0.5 and 2 carats. These are recognized for their great stability including during crises.

Do you need to be an expert in diamonds or a trader to use InvestDiamond? is aimed at all investors whether they be private individuals or professionals. Investing in diamonds may quickly become complex if you are not guided. The beauty of's trading platform is having made this type of savings available to the greatest number, both individual savers that want to secure their families' assets and more active traders and hardened professionals. No specific knowledge of trading or investment diamonds is required to use our services. The platform has been designed to be easy-to-use and suitable for everybody.

Is it difficult to resell a diamond purchase?

At, all transactions take place in real time. The many uses of the platform along with our agreements with major players in the diamond sector enables us to guarantee reselling. Finally, such a platform would not be possible without the trust generated by, recognized by thousands of customers, and our partners in Antwerp since 1927.

To conclude, what would you like to add?

In creating, we wanted to make diamonds accessible. Saving or trading with is a guarantee of the lowest available prices and rates, exceptional quality investment diamonds and instant resale. In addition, with our system of storage in vaults in Switzerland in a free port zone, purchases are exempt from VAT taxes. Diamonds are clearly an alternative to conventional defensive financial assets and help sustainably diversify your assets. With, your diamond investments are readily available, this is a world first. has reinvented diamonds.

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