Why invest in physical diamonds?

5 reasons to invest in diamonds

Tangible asset and safe haven

Eternal and unalterable, diamonds will always have value. The price of diamonds is completely disconnected from currency exchange rates, legislation, governments, and the performance of other assets (such as stocks). Diamonds exist physically and are not asset-backed securities.

Increasingly rare

The world's diamond reserves are being exhausted and will reach their maximum yield around 2030, while worldwide demand for diamonds is increasing constantly. Additionally, diamonds cannot be recycled which adds to their rarity.

An International Trading Currency

Diamonds are an internationally-recognized method of payment. A diamond will always be exchangeable for money. The evaluation system of the stones is entirely standardized and internationalized.

High Potential for Growth

The projections are optimistic. Demand is already greater than supply and no new diamond deposits have been discovered for several years. This means great opportunities for producers of rough diamonds and also a possibility of a price increase over the long term.

Outside the banking system

Diamonds remain outside the banking system and are not subject to confiscation by governments.

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