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What is the history of InvestDiamond.com?

Launched in 2013, InvestDiamond.com is AUCOFFRE.COM SAS’ online solution for buying, selling and investing in diamonds. AuCOFFRE.com is an investment solution in physical gold stored in highly-secured vaults and was created in 2009 by Jean-François Faure, CEO of AuCOFFRE.com. Today, AuCOFFRE.com accounts for more than 10,000 members.

InvestDiamond.com allows its members to further diversity their portfolios by investing in diamonds in a similar manner, storing the gems in the same Swiss vaults.

InvestDiamond.com partnered with KLP Diamonds, the only company authorized to produce Kcut diamonds which were specifcally designed for investment purposes and whose patented form is recognized by the IGI. InvestDiamond.com also has a partnership with a diamantaire family in Antwerp, Belgium that has been in the diamond cutting and polishing business since 1927.


What are the objectives of InvestDiamond.com?

InvestDiamond.com is the only online platform that allows members to trade in diamond fractions rather than entire stones, making diamond trading easy and affordable.

InvestDiamond.com seeks to build an online community of diamond investors, both professional and amateur. It also promotes diamonds worldwide as a method of protecting wealth, investing over long periods of time, and the ideal way to diverisfy a portfolio with a stable investment.

Who is the president of the structure that manages InvestDiamond.com?

Jean-François Faure, creator of AuCoffre.com, LinGold.com, and LinGoro.com, is the president of the structure that manages InvestDiamond.com. Mr. Faure is also:

  • an expert in gold and silver investment,
  • the author of the book "Gold, A Different Point of View,".
  • the inventer of the Vera Valor, the best-selling one-ounce pure gold coin in France since 2012,
  • the invernter of the Vera Carte, the first MasterCard allowing Members to make payments with physical gold,
  • certified by the Institut National de Gemmologie de Paris with a specialization in Diamond,
  • the author of the guide "Diamond.".

He is a strong proponent of clean extraction and created the label Clean Extraction in order to develop gold exploitation that is respectful of nature as well as people. The Vera Valor is the first coin to receive recognition for this environmental standard. Similarly, Mr. Faure is adamant that all diamonds within the InvestDiamond.com system come from countries that respect the Kimberley process and are therefore guaranteed to be conflict-free.

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